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installing underground utilities i.e water, sewer. eletricity, gas, telecommunication etc., with minimal disruption to the surface.

R.J. Carroll Company has a reputation of doing it right the first time by its combination of years of experience, planning, and ability to provide cost effective solutions to our customers.

R.J. Carroll Company uses state of art technology from Ditch Witch to provide top of the line service for all our projects. Our Ditch Witch JT 4020 All Terrain unit permits effective drilling, steering and backreaming in extreme conditions such as solid and broken rock, cobble, and gravel. It can effectively make installations to distances of up to 2000 feet (600 m) at a lower cost than is possible with larger, more expensive models which often require mud motors and reclamation systems.

Directional boring is used in place of other techniques for the following reasons:


RJ Carroll Company also uses DigiTrak® Eclipse® inGround Positioning System (iGPS) to track the drill head location and locate points in a "real-time".

Directional boring is trenchless method for